Stichting Jabulani Kids Zimbabwe

Welcome to Jabulani Kids Zimbabwe !

Who are we?

The Foundation Jabulani Kids (JKZ) supports the King George VI (KGVI) Centre in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The KGVI Centre offers rehabilitation, housing, primary and secondary education to children from all over Zimbabwe. The children are between three to eighteen years old and physically handicapped or deaf. The Centre is home to more than 100 children. In addition, every day around 200 day scholars attend the KGVI School.

How do we do it?

We help the KGVI Centre to stay open by fundraising and the assistance of volunteers who work in the Centre.

Why is our name ‘Jabulani’?

Jabulani is a word from Ndebele, the language spoken in western Zimbabwe, where Bulawayo is located. Jabulani means "happiness" or "joy". Because the atmosphere at the Centre is certainly one of joy and happiness, mainly due to the cheerfulness and hope of the children and staff, despite all the problems they face daily



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