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Steun specifiek project

  A day in the life of Laura Mukwauri at KGVI Centre & School



The sun rises and shines in Sunshine House at 6 am. It’s time to jump in the tub and scrub myself clean. Oops, I have to make my bed again.

Time is ticking, I have to eat my porridge and go to school.

I love my teacher, she reads us a book called ‘Are You My Mother’. I also love my school very much even if I do miss my dad. I sometimes wish my teacher would read my favourite book ‘Are You My Mother’ all day.



Every afternoon I go for therapies. I stretch, bend and play until I’m tired. I do this in the speech , OT or physio therapy.

Of the three departments I love the OT, occupational therapy where I learn to draw. See I can draw with my mouth.

I don’t really enjoy washing but I enjoy sweeping and cooking. We bake all sorts of goodies with auntie Chiramba (OT). Even at home my mom lets me help her in the kitchen.



Tea time and homework before we can play and watch my favourite cartoon ‘Dragon Balls’.

I hate it when we are called for supper because it means end of play time, but I do love it when it’s my favourite meal rice and chicken.

Laura has to sleep now, goede nacht!